July 10, 2012

Exam Life + Broken HDD (again)

Today I just wanna share some of my exam assignments. :) Since I'm pretty excited doing some projects in this semester.

I have to create a visual identity for a company, well actually my lecturer let us choose a shop that based around my uni and try to create a visual identity. Since I love takoyaki so much, I decided to make a visual identity for a Takoyaki Shop!

Menu Book


Business Card
 It's just too bad right after I finished the design, the shop is no longer open.:( I can't enjoy any takoyaki at uni anymore.When I told Pat about it,he said we should make our own takoyaki shop in the future. XD Means I could eat takoyaki anytime I want to. LOL *silly dream*

For another subject, I chose to re-create a logo for an architecture company. Since this is a really formal company, I tried to keep the design simple. :)

Thankfully, I got a good mark for those assignments.Every time I wake up, all I remember is continue the work... and so on. Thanks God, I'd passed those horrible exam term!

Another bad news came afterward.My external HDD was broken right before the internal HD broke down too. So, I got no backups at all and I was kinda.......
Source : Google

It happened AGAIN...

I got a really bad feeling about the internal HD right after my external HD broke... and it happened! Well this is not the first time when I think or said there's something bad will happen, it does really happen! I should keep my brain and mouth away from those negative thing.

Well anyways, due to my HD(s) accident, there's some post that will be postponed because of it. :( Hopefully I could gain back all my data.


  1. smoga bs recover ya gab data d hdd km. km ada simpen backup-anny ga? btw itu si tako nya lucu bgt >.<

  2. iya lagi di tempat servis.. >_< semoga bisa direcov... ga ada rin, soalnya itu yang rusak internal ama external.. jadi rusak 2-2nya barengan ._. hehehe thanks <3 ak juga demen takonyaaa

  3. lucuuu jojo tako nya ^^ km jurusan DKV kah gab?
    smoga bbrp data di HDD bs direcover ya >.<

  4. iya aku jurusan DKV ^_^... he eh #praying

  5. Nice design for Takoyaki :) and also for the Architect company. Grats for your good grades really deserve it.

    What's wrong with your HDD it often breaks out ???? Don't wanna try to buy a new one ?

  6. Thanks ^^... Well they're different HDD actually.. it's internal and external HDD .. the internal one broke right before I fix the external... >_<

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