July 9, 2012

Review : Geo Big Grang Grang Choco

Introducing you to my new baby. I'd been eyeing on this since I saw their advertise months ago and unfortunately there's only Big Grang Grang Choco available in my country. At first I'd been wanna try on Grang Grang brown, but can not wait until it's available in here.So I just grab the Big Choco.

Here's the package.

There is a special promotion when I'm about to order my lens and the owner is kindly let me know so I could get another lens. Pretty nice bargain. And the owner also kindly gave me these freebies. Really cute. :3

What a cute pink piggy lens case!! *oink* LOL

The owner also kiindly gave me these freebies :)

Lovely pattern, right?

Here's how does it look on my eye.

At first, I'm not really sure that brown or even darker color lens will look good on me. But as you can see, the color just works pretty good on me. :) It might look a little bit scary when I don't put any make up, but I must say I love it.

Unfortunately, the 15 mm lens is way too big for my eye so it ended up pretty scary on me without any makeup on. *sigh* But the good news is Geo Grang Grang is come in two different size with same lens patterns. The big one in 15 mm and the small one in 14.2mm. It means I will definitely buy the 14.2 mm series once it's available in my country.

But I remind you to bring your contact lens dropper since I found out it's getting drier quickly compared to my other lenses, especially if you're in air conditioned room. So judging from it's diameters and comfortability issue, I suggest you not to wear this for daily purposes. Probably will make the comparation between the 15 mm and 14.2 mm lens soon after I got the 14.2 mm lens.

-Bigger eye illusion
-Natural look 

-Quite drying

Rating 4.5/5

I bought them at DoLoveYield Shop.The owner is really nice and also helpful.

Recommend this especially for those who want an illusion of bigger eye. This works just perfectly for me. :) Have you tried out this lens??


  1. marshakartaswardharmaJuly 9, 2012 at 10:33 AM

    Ci gaby you change your name into milk mochi ? lucu banget xD

    BlushOff [Beauty Blog]

  2. bagus gab hasilnya :D tp kyny pattern geo agak mirip2 smua ya ._.

  3. Wow! it looks great on you!! thanks for sharing ^_~

  4. Iyaaa... xD hehehehe... biar lebih ringkas disebutnya.. :3

  5. masa sih? aku liat2 si ini yang paling natural.. patternnya ga aneh2 di mata... soalnya ak kalo pake lens brown pattern aneh langsung jelek banget.. ._.

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