July 20, 2012

Be Gorgeous with YSL Touch Eclat

Have you know about the magically touch of Touch Eclat? Well if you haven't, let me share a secret.

YSL come with its famous product that aged 20 years already, the Touch Eclat. It is can be used as concealer and also a highlighter. First of all, I do really love their super luxurious packaging which is also pretty efficient.

Are you ready to be gorgeous?

It has a really soft bristles that will be filled up with the products.

I got mine in shade 1 which has a pinkish tone.

Well I'd post this picture in my previous post.. but just to make clear with the shade. :D 

And now we're ready to reveal the way to use Touch Eclat ... Actually, you can use it depends on your own need. There's no such a rule about how to use it properly. And it's just my own way to do that. Feel free to find your own way using the Touch Eclat.

The whole product can be used up to 100x application.You can use the Touch Eclat on your undereye area, smile lines, cupid bow, chin, nose bridge, etc. You can find the way that suits you to use the Touch Eclat. :)

You just need one or two click, dot it on your face, dab, and done! Easy to use and travel friendly. :)  You're ready to go.

YSL also provides more color now. :) So I think it won't be hard anymore to find your shade.And I suggest you to dab it nicely so it won't crease or create any harsh line on your face. We wanna achieve a smooth glowy look, not a fake make-up look. :)

I really love this product and I always bring it in my make-up pouch just in case if I need the miracle touch. LOL.

What I love
-Easy to use
-Travel friendly

What I not really love

I don't think I will repurchase considering it's too pricey for a student like me. But it's just alright to give it a try :D. 

A little story of behind the scene. This is my first time trying red lipstick and publish it on my blog. What do you think? Do I look awkward or what? Pat said he like me with pink or natural lipstick color LOL.He also said that I looks like seducing him in the photo...o_o #noidea. Is that mean I'm failed to achieve a sexy look with red lips? Well you can see the differences when I'm wearing a pink lipstick and red lipstick in the photo above.. I just enjoy the photoshoot.. :P


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