July 30, 2012

Hada Labo Mania

Hada Labo is released in Indonesia! *super late*

I've been wanted to try on Hada Labo products since last year, but considering it's kinda pricey and I have to order it via online is a little bit troublesome. So I'm so excited when I knew they'd been released in Indonesia. :D

I bought myself a complete range of Ultimate Hydrated (Gokujyun) Series, but not with the night cream because I'm afraid it will overmoisture my skin.

The Gokujyun Series consists of the facial wash, lotion, milk, and night cream. The lotion come in two different type. One for the oily skin with green labels and one for normal-dry skin with orange labels. I purchased the green one. 

Hada Labo consist of Super Hyaluronic Acid which could lock up until ....

Hada Labo Indonesia comes in different size with the origin one from Japan. But I think it would be fine. I might will take a long time to finish them.

Ultimate Moisturizing Facial Wash

Packaging : Come in two different size which is 50 gr and 100 gr tube packaging.
Price : 
I only need a pea size of products, then gently foamed it and apply it onto my face. The foam feels really light and there's do dry feeling afterward. It works well with my Daiso Cleansing Pad.

Mild and soft foam that moisture your skin. :)

Ultimate Hydrated Lotion for Oily Skin

Packaging : Come in 100 ml plastic bottle packaging. 
Price :
Many people acknowledge this product as a toner, but it's not a toner. In Japanese skincare steps, lotion are pre-moisturizing steps while toner that we know are made for clarifying purposes.The lotion could add the water level in your skin so don't skip this one.

The lotion is colorless and have a runny texture that easily absorbed into your skin. So you only need few drops and gently pat it all over your face. It is not advised to use cotton pad to pat the products on to your skin. Pat it with your hand to make it absorbed easily. Compared to the Arbutin Lotion from Japan Hada Labo Whitening (Shirojyun) Series, it is less stickier. I prefer this lotion more because it is feels lighter and it also provides two different type of lotion.

Ultimate Moisturizing Milk

 Packaging : Come in 100 ml plastic bottle packaging

Milk or emulsion are also known as the moisturizer in the Japanese Skincare line. The milk has a whitish color and has a thicker texture. You only need a little amount of the product. Make sure you don't pour out too much product, because it will easily spread on your skin. Unlike the lotion, the milk need a little more time to be absorbed. Some people might find it's too thick and oily.

I've never really works with a complete skincare range from another brand. Because when my skin is getting sensitive, putting moisturizer could be a disaster for me. Hada Labo claimed that it could moisture your skin and it is also fragrance-free which is really good for those who have a sensitive skin like me.

I was having several acne scars and still getting some bumps around my forehead area. I'd been stopped using any moisturizer and it makes my skin looks so dull and dehydrated. After using Hada Labo series for about a month, I'm clearly said that I do really love the results. Although you have to spent more time to do this in the morning, but the results make it even. My skin is hydrated and I have never get any breakouts anymore. I think I will stick with this for a while. 

The only flaw in this product is because it still containing parabens. Well I'm not having problem with parabens, but people who avoid paraben might wanna skip this one.

Hada Labo Indonesia can be found at the nearest Watsons. And hopefully they will be sold in the supermarket or hypermarket soon.

Since there aren't any information from Rohto about this product, I emailed their CS and they said they guaranteed that Hada Labo Indonesia is safe and also has a license under Japan Rohto for its production. So no need to worry whether it's fake, or it might not as good as Hada Labo Japan! :D

The Hada Labo Range that will be out in Indonesia are
- Gokujyun Ultimate Moisturizing
- Shirojyun Ultimate Whitening
- Gokujyun Alpha Ultimate Anti Aging
- Tamagohada Ultimate Mild Peeling

It's clear already right? :D So no more confusion about this product.

What I love
-Great for sensitive skin

What I not really love
-Consist paraben

Rating 4.8 out of 5!

Now I'm thinking to buy the night cream to complete the series. Will be updated later. Should try this! I also find another way to maximize the usage of this product. Just keep an eye of my blog.


  1. keren bgt gab fotonya, ada air2nya gitu hahaha xD

  2. lo, di watson ada? yippiii.....mampir ah, thx infonya ya sis ^^

  3. Iya, malah baru ada di watsons setauku ^^... happy hunting yaaa

  4. heheheh pas lagi iseng kok sekalian belajar foto lagi :D

  5. Iyaa fotonya bagus lhoo ada air2nya.kamu kreatif

  6. udah beli sis, murahhhh....dan dipake seger banget, aku cobain dulu yg
    Ultimate Hydrated Lotion for Oily Skin, thx skali lagi sis infonya

  7. sama2 ^^ semoga cocok ya... ntar aku juga mo sharing tips pakai si hada labo ini :D

  8. fotonya bagus gab ^^
    untung cocok di km ya range nya yg gokyujun ^^ aku baru bli yg gokyujun facial wash tp blm smpt cobain :P unfortunately it contains paraben :S

  9. thanks vee ^^... iya, sblumnya pernah coba yang shirojyun tapi kayanya bikin muka oily dan whiteheads... >,< facial washnya bagus deh, ringan di muka :D paling suka <3


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