October 24, 2012

Biore 2 in 1 Cleansing Wash

Sometimes when we are tired already after a long day doing our activity, we're kinda bothered to remove our makeup before we straightly go to the bed. Am I wrong? LOL. Well, to be honest sometimes I did it too. I need something that could wipe off my makeup clean  super quickly.

Therefore, I'm interested to give this a try. It was on sale 35% when I bought it. Okay that's probably the main reason why I buy this. LOL


Almost all in Japanese!
It's pretty catchy that Biore's make up removers product come in pink packaging, right?

Don't worry they provide the Indonesian translation behind.


Wondering how to use it? Well there aren't any significant differences with another facial foam. Pour out the product and mix it with a little amount of water. Rub it between your palm until it creates enough foam and use the foam to cleanse your face. It also has a really nice floral scent. :3

I was pretty surprised to find out that the consistency of this product is quite similar with Biore Body Wash. I've been using Biore Body Wash for years, so I feel kinda weird because it feels like I'm using my body wash to wash my face. :\

And.... the results?
Great for removing light make-up, but it doesn't really good on removing eye make-up and heavy make-up. Another bad point. DO NOT use this product with your eyes wide opened. Trust me, it's such a pain! o_o And I feel it dried out my skin. I need to put on moisturizer right after using it.

-Easy  and fast usage
- Smells nicely
- Cheap

-Irritating my eye 
- Not really good on removing eye make-up
-Drying my skin

Afterall, it has been my favorite since it's really good on removing my daily make-up or when I traveled for around 1-2 days. I didn't experience any breakout from using this. Only need to put on moisturizers. Well I take it as a reminder for me to put on my moisturizer regularly after washing my face. Besides the price is quite cheap and it can be found at the nearest supermarket. So when you're run out of removers or cleansing oils, just grab this. :D


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