October 14, 2012

My Favorite Snack, Golden Egg Tart!

I'm a big fan of Asian food!! I love Chinese Food, Japanese Food, and of course Indonesia food as well. I love sweets especially. Ice, cream, cakes, biscuit, you name it!No wonder I'm getting fat lately! *cries*As I saw this voucher was super cheap on Disdus, I decided to buy coupon for these egg tarts!!!

Get ready to droooolllsss... :P


It's pretty cheap even without any discount. And I just love egg tarts so much!! *.* Affordable price with a good taste! I usually bought the traditional only, but I can't resist to try the others. But still I recommend the traditional as the other tastes pretty weird for an egg tart. Less is more! I even don't really fan the portuguese one.The tart was made with pastry dough and this is the first time I don't like pastry. The pastry become soft and not crunchy at all. But Pat loves it so I picked two of them. It is also best served with hot tea. Super yummy!

The filling is quite sweet, so I don't really recommend this those who doesn't love to eat sweets. You can buy them at Golden Egg Tart store in Gandaria City or Mal Kelapa Gading. :3 Each tart will only cost you around Rp 6.000,00. So cheap! 

Just never visit any bakery or sweets shop when you're on a diet. Or you will end up buying them like me. -.- #helpless. Hahahahahah... see you next time! <3

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