October 13, 2012

My Ultimate Wishlist

I was feeling super tired with my hectic schedule. Tons of work for mid-term and office. I feel like wanna faint and lay down on my bed all day long enjoying my free time. Dx  Well I did googling, browsing as usual for my works but I end up with so many things that I wanna buy, so I will share about what's in my mind now! :P


There are some gadgets and also so new make-up wish list though. It's gonna be a longggg post! xD Let's counting.

1.New laptop! ASUS N46 VM

It's been a long battle between Windows and Macbook in my head. So in short I choose Windows because of financial matters. It's just way too expensive for me. And my friend pick this type for me. I don't know but he swear that this is the best he can recommend to me. So yeah, it's going on my no. 1 list. I need a new laptop that could work smoother, and handle such a really heavy work. I wish I could get it as soon as possible!

2. Sony Alpha NEX-5N

You might scream at me,"You have an SLR already!! Why do you want a new camera??" First of all, I've to explain that my SLR camera is super big and not travel friendly. And it gives my shoulders so much pain if I have to bring it everywhere. People were always staring at me when I use my SLR camera. I was trying on  Sony Alpha nex 7 at my office for work purposes and omg I LOVE IT!! My boss who is a professional photographer also said that he prefer to use this camera than his SLR especially for daily basis. Okay that's what a pro said! I was asking about how the autofocus for video recording and he said it's really smooth. I youtube-ing already and YESSSS.....it's really smooth!! My DSLR camera was pretty bad in video recording autofocus.So I just really really wanna exhange my SLR with this camera. He even can use this camera for professional matter!! Dx #what!!

 I was kinda surprised and  I did google about this camera. Google said that it is the combination between pocket camera and SLR. It is called Mirrorless Interchangeable-Lens Camera or MILC. So you can get a high quality image as an SLR could do with a body as small as pocket camera could be. The price are also in average line for me. SLR itself isn't cheap, right. Google if you're still confused. Still wanna buy an SLR now?  #grin

3. Skinfood Black Sugar Mask
Ran out of any exfoliating product and I simply remember how I've been wanted to try this since a long time. Still super curious about this product. Some people said it's too harsh but some people also said it does a good job. Since I'm pretty sure that my skin is 'badak' enough, so I will try it LOL.

4. Skinfood Rice Mask Wash Off

Another old wishlist. But I think I need to take care of my skin more. These two masks are the my most loved products from skinfood so far. Okay, I haven't give it a try, not even once. But I'm just pretty sure that it would be suitable for my skin LOL. I've been really satisfied using Skinfood products since it use natural ingredients as their core. :3

5. Etude House Surprise Concealer

Super duper need a good concealer that easy to travel with and works great. This one the only thing that comes in my mind. Well I don't really love to use palette-concealer type. It's just messy and not easy to travel with. 

6.Etude Tear Drop Liner

Has been want to try on this cute liner since a long time. But I was on a really tight budget to buy my laptop first. :\ So I can't buy any make-up thingy. But I really want this !!! I love glitters, shining things, and so on so bad!

7.Coastal Scent 78 Shadow Blush Palette
This is such a cheap alternatives for a student like me. You need more color to experiment with but you have no budget at all. It's the same condition when you wanna paint a painting but you didn't have enough color. And of course I can't mixed eyeshadow colors to create new color just like what I do with my poster paint. But still, waiting when Coastal Scent is on sale and they shipped to Indonesia!!

I'm not really a mascara person. Lately, I love to use false lashes LOL because I need more time to clean off those mascara. But I think mascara can be a saviour when you need to meet a client, or when you have to go for an interview, and so on. I was talking like I'm a super busy businesswoman la! *what the hell* hahahaha. But seriously, sometimes in a real world, people judge you from your appearance. So mascara and eyeliner were my precious saviour! It can gives a hint of life to your eyes especially my half-dead eyes. >.> Hahahaha.... there's too many option though and I just cannot decide which one is suitable for my personal use.

9. Traincase

I was seriously need to organize my make-up and I wanna buy a traincase to store all my make-up. My mom has been complaining about the amount of my make-up that scattered everywhere. Well I always put some products that I use often in different place. So it's kinda looks messy that I didn't store all of them in a proper place. Well, in fact yeah it's kinda not well organized. @_@ #bad

10. Nail polishes!

I was not into nail polish thingy, not until I realize how fun to paint on my nail. My passion in art has become wider. LOL And I need some more color to paint my nails! T_T the problem is I almost buy everything online and choosing nail polish online is kinda hard. Besides they only had some shades to be chosen, I also cannot tried them first. So yeah... I think I need to build up my nail polish collection.

So yeah... I'm focusing on this list for now. Not sure if I wouldn't change my mind especially for the make-up parts. Or is there anybody who wanna sponsors LOL?? #kidding. I think I will spent my first salary to buy most of them.... Well I did realize that I'd been such a really bad blogger by making my readers read all this so-un-important list of mine. I was just really bored and tired because of exam and works. T ^ T

Any request for next post??? Would loce to hear from you too... :D


  1. Aiih..toss dulu ah, aku juga lagi nabung buat beli kamera *high five*
    Lagi naksir Canon PS SX 500 IS gara2 endorse-nya Suzy MissA! Tapi pas liat2 reviewnya, kayaknya emang pas lah buat kebutuhan aku. Masih belum masuk sini sih, semoga aja kalo udah masuk, awal taun depan udah bisa kebeli #ameeeeen

  2. Mauu kamera sama kutek!! Hahahaha..

  3. iyaaaa kamera nih kameraaa... hahahahaha xD mari kita sama-sama menabung nacchu!!

  4. hihihi iya yah kameranya kaya retro2 gitu... :3 kutek juga!!!

  5. sony!! itu yang ada warna pinknya juga bukan sih? klo iya we're on the saaaaaaaame boat harharhar XD~

  6. lupa ada pinknya ga... yang jelas harganya bersaing ama SLRku sekarang... T ^ T tp lebih praktis ajaaa

  7. waaa keren wishlist nya ... semoga dapet semua deh xxixixi...

    bikin kepengen juga nih -,-

    saling follow yuuk



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