October 3, 2012

Recent Life Story

Good day everyone! Still feeling sick because I got a bunch of works! Not only from my college but also at my office. I spend all my single day either at college or office. T ^ T Pretty tiring. Since the office hour ends on 6 pm, so after I go home I straightly do my assignment or take a rest. Even I can't really rest on Saturday since I have a freelance job as a teacher, and still do my assignment which  I think aren't hard but super time consuming. :x

But life is way too good to be missed even when I'm super busy at the moment! 

I did some illustration again lately.
Media : watercolor.

I draw this as an entry for a game. :3 I played this game quite a long time ago. Who plays this game too?

But unfortunately I didn't win. Finish it in 2 nights LOL, such a really hurry. I also work on other illustration and paintings. But the progress was kinda slow if I'm not pursued by a deadline LOL. Such a really moody artist xD.

Based on my passion in art, I'm officialy an 'asma' (asisten mahasiswa) a.k.a assistant on Illustration class now! Well, not really something. I'm not even interested with the fee. People asked my why am I interested to teach since there's a rumour that my faculty paid us (asma) quite low. That's not really my point. I need to experienced the difference between teaching an elementary student and a college student. :x Idealism? I just enjoy my current job as an educators. I hope one day I could be a real one and of course a good one! <3 But I do feel so old when they called me 'cici' (used to called an elder sister).... you're only a year younger than me and you call me cici!!!  NOOOOO!!!! Dx.. I know they're a good students and tried to be polite but still....

I was also saving up for buying a laptop for myself since I realized it's kinda hard for me to work without a new computer. That's why I didn't buy any cosmetics again. T ^ T My PC is getting old and can't handle such a super complicated task. T________T I need to buy a new one before my PC explode. I still confused about what kind of laptop that I should buy.

Macbook or Windows?

I prefer to buy Macbook at the beginning, considering my current job as a graphic designer. But lately, I found out that Mac's specification is so-so but the price is way too expensive compared to the other laptop with the same specification. I know Mac looks sophisticated.. Mac has more features such as A,B,C,D,  but yeah... I'm confused. :\ Most of programs are compatible with windows but not with Mac. So now I'm confused T___________T it's way too expensive for me. I recently think I will go with a cheaper alternatives if it can perform as good as Macbook could do. But yeah, still have no option. T_T Any suggestion for me? I would love to hear your opinion.

I'm on my last year in college too (old already huh?). So, yeah everything is getting serious.
:\ In fact, it's only a paper and I never think that I will be in such a big trouble. I was really okay back then when I need to write 15 pages of paper or essays in a night. But it tooks forever to write a single page now.

What happen to you brainy??? T ^ T feels like stuck and I can't even find a single word to continue my sentences. #crap

My schedule is quite tight, so I didn't eat properly. When I'm hungry, I tend to eat more. And I just did realize I'm way too fat now. T___________T My jeans aren't fit me anymore. #cries!

Can I just eat without worry of being fat? I never really works on a diet. So yeah, let's see how long I will survive. :\ I'd stopped eating any crap carbo, red meats, sweets but can't helped myself to eat ice cream. T ^ T  Usually after I got sick, I lost some kgs in an instant! *hopefully*

I think I still have to learn. I haven't achieved anything. Not even closer. But I do believe that the harder you work, the closer you go. I know this is such a really hard time for me to stand against all of this madness. But I believe there's something good afterward. As long as I'm running on something that I'm passionate about and I'm chasing my dream. :D There's no magic in this world that could turn your dream into the real world. Get up and make it real!

Well, I should stop blabbering now before you guys get bored... hahahaha. I should go back to my bed. Have a nice day everyone. Bye bye!


  1. gab gambarmu bagus :D itu pake cat air ya?
    klo DKV sih bagusan pake Macbook ya setauku ^^

  2. makasih... aku masih belom jago banget gambarnya nih >.< hehehe iya pakai cat air biar cepet hehehe ... iya nih temen2 aku juga pada pake macbook.. cuman harganya itu lohhh... :(

  3. gambarnya kerennnn :D bagus banget
    temen2ku pada pake MAC ^_^ ayuk nabung biar cepet kebeli MACnya hehehee


  4. Hana (beauty-chica)October 3, 2012 at 2:54 PM

    I agree, i am in the same age as u, *i think*.. Hehe, just like you i also in my last year, got to work on my store, and just got steady after terrible accident that took me months to recover. Life has been hard on us, but someone says to me, "if you dont go hard on yourself, life will be hard on you." So just keep working harder and endure the pain from now on. I`ll be praying for u ^^. You can do it. Fighting!

  5. aku biasa cuma liatin dom" maen gragon nest gab, tangaku kaku banget kalau maen game >.<
    mndg windows :D

  6. hahahha ayo coba maennn... xD hohoho... iya nih masi mikir2 laptop apaa... ~3~

  7. asus aja gab kykny bagus, byk yg pada beli itu. trus ktany motherboardnya no.1
    aku kaku banget ni maen game, dulu coba maen audit aja laguny yg slow banget masih suka salah =.="


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