October 6, 2012

Glam Make Up Look Inspired by Election Day

Hello everyone! I was really in a mood to play with make-up lately! Since I were really busy on weekdays and only do sorta lazy thingy on weekend, so I barely have time to play with my babies. And this time the inspiration comes from.....

My ink-stained nail!! The ink from the election for Jakarta's next deputy.

Can you believe that???

Okay some of you might think it is ridiculous... but well I think it's such a good color combination LOL, so I did an experiment with my eye make-up. :3 Here we go.

1.Prep your face. Put on the foundation, concealer, etc to make sure your face is ready to be painted with color! Don't forget the eye primer this time to make the color stay vibrant and still!

2.Put on matte pink eyeshadow on the inner corner and the shimmery pink eyeshadow on the rest.

I'm using my beloved Sleek Oh So Special Palette. I'm run out of money. I was thinking of buy another eyeshadow palette but I need to save for my future laptop.T ^ T #poor

 3. Put on dark purplish color on your crease and blend well. Build up the color several time if it necessary to make it more pop out. Especially for the pink color.

4. Put on the purplish color on your lower line halfway. It gives a big difference and an illusion of big-longer eyes.

5. Line tightly with liquid eyeliner and create a wing.
 I was ran out of scotch tape...

6. Put some silver eyeshadow or eyeliner in the lower inner corner and your tear duct for brighten effect.

7. Countouring and blush.  I need to get rid of my flat nose and chubby cheeks as usual.

Any lips color that you prefer. To match the pink eyeshadow, this pink lips never fails me. For special events, you can pick any bold lip color such as plum, fuchsia, or even red. Don't forget to put on the falsies for more dramatic eye look :D

As I was going with Pat, I tried to minimize the drama look LOL. >.>

Ready to go!!

BEWARE! Many photos are coming.

 My un-smile pose. ~,~

Okay, that's all... I should stop before someone complained LOL. xD

This is the last one I promise...

Have a nice weekend and see you next time, ladies! <3


  1. that un-smile pose is just like your signature pose gab.. hahhaa.. it's so you xD
    aku suka eyelinernya ky gituuu.. Gaby pakai eyeliner apa? :3

  2. Mukanya galak LOL kalo ga senyum.... wkwkwkw... xD pake dolly wink rin ~

  3. You look great. A simple pink and purple look. Great for day look right? Love it! Awesome tutorial.

  4. thanks ^_^ you're cute too dear...

  5. loving the look! super cute ^_~

  6. softlensnya merek apa? bagus :) cantik banget

    1. Geo Big Grang Grang Choco say :) aku pernah review disini http://www.milkmochi.com/2012/07/review-geo-big-grang-grang-choco.html


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