January 21, 2012

Another Blog Award + My Sloopy Day

I got an awards from Muimiu... :D Thanks dear... Love the cute banner above... *like to the max*.. hahaha

The rules :
1. link back person who awarded you
2. answer award question
3. tell us something about yourself you have not told us in your blog
4. award as many blogs you think are worthy for this award
5. make sure to let those you give this award know you awarded them

So I will be answering the question.. ;D

1. what is your go to make up product ?
bb cream, loose powder, eyeliner, bronzer (to countour)

2. what was your favourite fashion trend of 2011?
something feminime, lace, polkadot, soft pink color instead of my red clothes collection...

3. what is your fav dessert?
Ice Cream.. I think I love almost all ice cream.. :D

4. favourite color ?
Red, Purple, Pink, Black, White

5. What is your middle name?
Don't have any.. only first and last.. :P

6. what was the last song you listened to?
Luther Vandross - Dance with my Father *teary eyes while listening this.. seriously*

7. cats or dogs?
Dogs of course.. although I love how cute cat is.. haha xD

I was a ballerina when I was a child and I wish I still a ballerina now.. I love to dance :)

So I will give this award to
Diary of a Product Junkie
Tujuh Warna Pelangi
Severus Love
Beauty and Me

and... NOW

it's time to confess something really stupid...

T ^ T I've passed such a really big day! Okay, actually it's my own fault and I consider about how careless I am!

So the story begin when it comes the day I have to sign for my next semester schedule. Everything was alright until I wake up in the morning with a bad dream that I haven't paid the college's fee, therefore I couldn't sign my schedule which is a very big deal. Because if I missed it, it would SUPER TROUBLESOME to sign it on another day because I need some letter, permission, etc la..

Then I go to the nearest bank and found that the amount in my account haven't been decreased.... In fact it should be automatically decreased with autodebet system.... You know why.. it's only because the amount of money was being cut for something else... I'm pretty sure that I had left more money to make sure if they will cut it for any expenses. Damnnn....I was really in panic! Because I have to register my schedule at home via internet at the same day! Super panic, can't think...

I rushed to the college and found out my best friend even FORGET to pay... Okay we both so careless... In the end, after submitting our transaction paper, everything is clear..I'm so relieved...

I don't know why but it's been several times I wanna check whether it's been paid or not but there's always something got in my way and I forgot to check...

This is such a really big lesson for me...It's been a while, it's not even my first year... but I never check.. this is the first time and I was really shocked ...Thanks God... everything goes well.. >_< I should learn to be more carefully...

Until the next post girl.. >ω<*


  1. Thank you for the awards, Gabz~! Mimpi jadi kenyataan donks itu~

  2. Sama2... iyaaa... >_< seumur2 ga pernah gagal autodebet bayaran... padahal ga pernah cek juga, baru kali ini... @_@ pas hari H pulak taunya...

  3. priscilla clara siregarJanuary 22, 2012 at 11:43 PM

    Thank you for the award Gabby! ^^ Memang itu lika-liku anak kuliahan, hehehe..

  4. ur welcome... iyaaa >_< hehe lumayan ngeriii tapi..perdana setelah berapa taun kuliah... xD

  5. thx for award chino...~
    wkwkkwkwk....ngakak baca-nya...
    aku juga pernah salah hari buat entri..hahaha...untuuung bisaaa!
    tp yg plg penting tuh emg byr spp~ (O__O)

  6. Iyaa sama2 ^o^... he eh ngeri banget, di kampusku staffnya ada yang suka jutek gitu :( takut ga diurusin hiks... untunglah hari itu staffnya semua baik2.. xD

  7. Thanks for award, haduh jadi inget aku punya utang award+tag banyak nih, belom sempet bikin nya >.<

  8. Begitu juga diriku.. banyak utang award n tag , hehehe dicicil mumpung libur :D


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