January 5, 2012

Movie Review : Jack and Jill + Ramblings

Few days ago I spent my day watching movie with my besties... well we just go and decide which movie are going next. The choice goes on Jack and Jill since I'd watched the other choice they wanna watch...

Here the story begin..

Jack Sadelstein is a successful advertising executive in Los Angeles with a beautiful wife and kids, who dreads one event each year: the Thanksgiving visit of his "identical" twin sister Jill. Jill's neediness and passive-aggressiveness is maddening to Jack, turning his normally tranquil life upside down.
(source from wikipedia)

I won't tell you any further story about this movie, because it's just could ruin your imagination if you haven't watch this.:P

The first time I saw the poster at the cinema from afar, I just think oh damn who's the actress? Looks really.. really.. weird.. until I realize the word TWINS there.. okay I understand now.

And here is my opinion about this movie.. this is another silly comedy from Adam Sandler. This is REALLY entertaining! I and my friends couldn't stop laughing along the movie. It's not exaggerate at all and just flow like how the comedy should be. Kinda many theatrical movement and singing too from Al Pacino. There's so many talented artist played such an unusual role in this movie...

This movie also taught us a really good moral about family. I'm really touched with the sentences that Al Pacino said about Jill when Jack asked about what is the good thing about Jill that he loves. For Jack, Jill isn't nothing but someone who bother him a lot..Al Pacino said Jack is already gain everything that he could such as a happy family, a successful carrier, wealth, and so on.. but Jill never get anything that she want because everybody think that she's weird and she's always alone. The only things she want is be close with family, and in this case Jack as her twins. It reminds me sometimes how easy we put aside someone like Jill in our daily life. >.<

Highly  recommended! XD especially for those who love comedy, you SURELY don't wanna miss it guys!

Exam Update! 

Just wanna share a little amazing story about my exam again ... hope you guys don't mind.. :D

After watching movies, my uni friend text me and said that the exam score has been published online! Okay I'm super panic because I'm thinking that I'm not ready for that. I'm really surprised that it was published faster. Usually it takes around 1 month before all score were published...and it's super scary every time I have to see my score.. >.< feels like gambling sometimes because you can't guess whether it will be good or not. Especially for my VisComDes major that I'd mentioned in my previous post...I even got  SEVERAL nightmare about it ...but in fact when I'm awake I never even remember for just a second about my exam score.

 The reason is absolutely because I got the same lecturer that taught me on last semester with the same major too.. And I depressed about how cruel is he in giving score..and it feels unfair for several people (I am not the only victim :O )... so I really scared that the same thing will happen again.. and the worst thing is, this semester VisComDes major has a bigger point than before, it's 6 sks and the last one is only 4 sks. So can you imagine how afraid I am about this? This one major could ruin my total score!

 I'm getting more panic because I can't open the website with my cellphone. And has to be patience until I go home.

*run straight to the computer*

Okay sign in to my student account, click the Score section.. peek into my IP first.. and oh my! Can't believe it!  It raised so damn high than the past semester.

I got an A for my VisComDes!!!!

I still can't believe that... can not until I open my facebook, and there's so many friends are updating their stats with such a grateful words too! >_< Then I chat with so many classmates and everybody agree that we got such a big miracle in this semester LOL... Well we did a really good job guys this semester!! And I just feel like this is my best New Year presents! Thanks God.. >.< I'm so relieved... say goodbye to my nightmare from now on xD...

I should pay attention more on my study I guess.. :) hope I could graduate as soon as possible and go get a job.. hehe..

See you soon with another post ladies !(>ω<*)


  1. Wow, nice!! Glad to hear that you;ve got an A score! Do your best dear! Good luck :*

  2. Awwwh, congrats on the deserving A+, Gabz~ Seumur2 cuman sekali doang aq dapet A+ pas kuliah ^^;;

  3. Thank u say.. >.< aku makin naek semester juga makin drop nilainya.. hehe baru kali ini aja mendadak naek lagi...

  4. congratulations for ur great score, keep it till next and next semesters! :D


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