January 6, 2012

Review : ELF Studio Countouring Blush and Bronzing Powder

Back here girls! :) Lately I'm learning how to contouring . Well then I decide to buy ELF Studio Blush and Bronzing Powder. This product is widely known as dupe of NARS Orgasm and Laguna. But I never using any NARS product before so I couldn't make any comparation. So let's see how good it is. :3

It comes with a pretty black packaging that I love, and it has a quite big mirror inside. It looks classy for me and not bulky. Fit in perfectly in my make-up pouch. The amount of product is enough for me too. But they didn't include any brush, so prepare one by your own.

The price itself  is quite cheap. It's US$3 but I got it in here around US$ 6-7. Still affordable. And what I love from ELF is they brought so many good product with affordable price. This is really helpful for those who are still learning make-up like me but also on a tight budget. :D As a starter one, I think you shouldn't buy a high end make-up first, right?

Here's the swatch.
On packaging

Swatch on my hand

In my opinion, the blush color is kinda sheer while the bronzer color is super pigmented. I don't know but the blush color might pop up more on fairer skin type. The color in the photo above is created when I take the blush with my FINGER and NOT with a brush. Because no matter how many times I put it with a brush, it always create such a sheer color that can't be captured with my cam. But still I love the blush color. It looks really natural on me even it tooks much effort to make it more popped up. But usually I just applied it around 2-3 times and it looks good already. And I prefer the sheer natural color how the way it is. :) just suits me perfectly. For those who expected for a pigmented blush, you might skip this one.

About the bronzer color, I found there's a hint of reddish brown on it when I applied it on my face. It doesn't show any redness when I swatch it on hand. I think it's kinda weird since I expected for a dark chocolate tone color for countouring. But after blend it all, I found there's no problem about the reddish brown color anymore. The staying power is also good! That's why I love it. And don't worry about shimmer that you see in the swatch or the packaging. They didn't appear at all when you'd applied them on your face. :)

Both of them aren't chalky and stays really good. But for those who have an oily skin, it might fade away after few hours especially the blush. I think the bronzer would stay much more longer than the blush. So I would recommend this for those who find a good and cheap blush and bronzer. :)

Unfortunately ELF doesn't have any counters in Indonesia. They just available in online shop, in ready stocks or pre-order system. But nowadays there's so many online shop that has provided ELF products, so I think it wouldn't be a big matter to purchase.

-Pigmented bronzer color and natural blush color
-Elegant and slim packaging
- An enough amount of product for me

-Sheer blush color
-Only available in online shops 

Rating 4.3/5

 So far I love this product :) and I would like to try another ELF products as well. They have so many range of product. Probably I will try their famous powder brush. :D

 Hope this post help you girls (>ω<*)


  1. I have one too, and I love it <3

  2. Err...naksir, tapi lagi gada yg buka po elf pake itungan murce ya.
    Yes, yes, yes, yes...
    Wajib coba studio powder brush, ga kan nyesel punya! Kalo boleh nyontek kata2nya skindeco "The Best 3$ That You'll Ever Spend". Emang beneran wajib punya itu si powder brush, aku aja niat nambah 1 lagi :D

  3. valent di FD lagi buka PO say, lumayan murce kok.. :D biasa kmu PO dimana?

    iyaaa udah kepengen banget si powder brush... cuman masi ragu-ragu abis baca QC ELF yang suka ga bener...>.< must buy item nih pokoknya... abis itu baru deh stop belenji brush..

  4. Tapi di valent kan temporary ya ga always open >.<
    yg itungan murce di bbc, ato di makeupcloset. harganya murce di bbc c tp kalo belanja sekalian banyak di makeupcloset jg jd lbh murah harganya. bbc udah ga open po apapun lagi, di muc jg entah kapan dese buka po. Err..gini nih bencong pelit. Hahaha :))

  5. Iya sih tapi mumpung masih open.. hehe... xD.. mari atur wishlist.. >.<

  6. pigment ya? tp takut over shimmer gt di muka hehe..eh iya ikutan giveaway dr Lancome yuukkk :)

  7. iya pigmented tapi ga shimmer samsek kok kalo udah dipake ^^.. thanks for invite.. definitely will join your giveaway :)

  8. I know that it's been on my list as its cheap but promising! ELF bronzer also has high rating!

    But not for now *closes my eyes* LOL

  9. Yes.. really worth to try! :D

    Same with me... too much shopping already *cries* Dx

  10. i have this too, the bronzer is quite pigmented in my opinion, must really blend. blush nya lumayan sih nga too sheer tapi enough pigmentation, not too pigmented kayak nars. nga terlalu tahan lama tapi really good for its price! :) nice review

  11. Yep... pertama kali pake sih kaget, pigmented banget >.< hehehe...kalo bandingin sama bronzernya, blushnya agak sheer sih ya, biasa blush kucolek dikit aja udah keluar warnanya.. ini musti agak banyakan...tapi karena itu warnanya jadi lebih natural dan ga takut pake kebanyakan... hehe


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