January 27, 2012

MariMari Dobest Giveaway Review! #1

I won Marimari Do-Best giveaway and had a chance to try a Japanese Brand cosmetic named Do-Best. :)  Marimari sells so many cute sleepwear too there ^^, I love their cute Qmomo Pajamas Collection >,<  They also accept pre-orders item. You should visit their blog here and also their facebook fan page here for further information. :D

So here is what I got from MariMari. :)

So cute, isn't it? Marimari is kind enough to give me 5 Do-Best products :D
 I'm really interested on trying Japanese brand cosmetic because as I know most of Japanese cosmetic have a really good quality. Moreover I never heard about Do-Best brand. This is the first time I heard about it and I read it at Marimari Beauty Blog.

About Do-Best 
Do-Best develops and markets a wide variety of appealing, high-quality, excellent-value products based on the concept "smart, fun, and stylish."
Since Do-Best was founded more than 30 years ago, we have been focused on importing "high-quality, excellent-value cosmetics." Do-Best now holds a commanding share of the dollar-store cosmetics business in Japan, and has recently been expanding into the development and marketing of other skin-care and beauty products and stationary and other miscellaneous goods.

Global Positioning
Do-Best actively markets its high-quality, excellent-value products not only in Japan, but also in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and other Southeast Asian nations. Do-Best has established a wholly-owned subsidiary in Shanghai, China, and has started successfully expanding into the Russian and American markets, and is now in position to offer "high-quality, excellent-value" cosmetics to consumers worldwide.

Quoted from Do-Best official site. :) Visit to see more about the whole range and brand.

I become more interested after reading and browse the whole site because they have a wide range of product and brands. ^o^

I'm going to divide the post into 2 different post because I think reviewing 5 items in a post will be a long and I'm afraid that it would be bored you. :) So please wait for the next post. ^.^

The first thing catch up in my mind is the nail polish. This is from Mio Piccolo brands. Mio Piccolo comes with a black rose symbol all over their products. So elegant. :)

 Mine is a soft pink color. Perfect color for your Valentine Day. ;) I think I'll use this on my date later haha..

This is the swatch of 1 coat.

And this is the swatch color of 3 coat. Less coat to make it sheer and looks like no polishes on, and more coat to make more opaque or solid color. :) 

Looks like healthy pink nail :D

The nail polish glides super smoothly. I'm not really good at applying nail polish but I could apply it easily and the results is very neat. :) My mother who is an expert in applying nail polish also said that it glides very smooth and easy to apply... No doubt anymore right? And I'm really satisfied with the results. Makes me want to try another color ^.^

Next, the cute blush comes from AC Make Up Brand. :D It comes with a simple white outer packaging, with transparent cap and AC Make Up Logo in front. The size exactly match my Canon DSLR cap, so I took their photo together as size comparison.. )

The blush pattern kinda remind me of pink leopard. And the color itself is quite pigmented. Just take your blush brush onto the product and it will make a cute soft pink color on your cheeks.. :3

Comparison with my Canon cap.

This is me using the blush ... x3

Last, the liquid liner. This one comes from AC Brand Make Up too. It comes in a simple and clean white packaging. I got mine in Dark Brown.

Here's how does it look..

All in Japanese.. can't read >,<

Hard tip eyeliner :)

This eyeliner has a hard tip so it's really easy to draw super thin and precise line. :D Especially for those who aren't used to wear liquid eyeliner.

Unfortunately I found out the color is getting a little bit greyish under the light when it dried already. It just aren't as opaque as when it is wet. But this gives a softer look than a bold eyeliner color. :)

Last but not least, I always test all my eyeliner to see its staying power. Here it comes the test..:D

Swatch on hand.. a thick line and a thin line 

Smudge Test
 Only budge a little.. ;D

Waterproof  Test
Under hard shower :D

Smudge it while wet and it fade >,<

Wipe it all with tissue paper...

:D It's quite good for me, just make sure you didn't smudge it while it's wet.

So far I'm quite satisfied with Do-Best line products ^^... I'll make a review for the rest.. :D So stay tune everyone.

What do you think about these products? Are you interested to try them? ;)


  1. so many stuffs!


  2. yep ^^.. I even haven't tried them all

  3. congrats you won the give away, (; awesome stuff! thanks for the review!

    CMPang x

  4. Aw I am glad you received them. Thanks for the reviews, and I hope you liked it.

  5. ^.^ yeap... I love these items.. thank you very much for the giveaway :D I'll review the rest ASAP.. :)

  6. Thank you dear.. :D hope this helps.. ^^

  7. Nail polishnya bagus..suka banget sama warna softpink nya :)
    Btw sis, ikutan polling giveawayku yuk: http://missbelanjaonline.blogspot.com/2012/01/10-more-giveaway-clue.html
    Thank you ya :)

  8. yeah I love the color too ^^.. udah ikutan pollingnya juga.. hehe :D

  9. alice oriona axelleApril 28, 2012 at 12:22 PM

    lucu bgt blush nya... namanya apa ya? kok ku cari di google gak ada ya? jadi mupeng +.+
    blushnya oke bgt
    shimmery bgt ga?

  10. Hi...klo blush on dari produk2 do best udah ada yg dicobain blm? Lagi nyari review nya nih hehe..


  11. blush yang aku coba baru merk AC itu aja, ^_^ dan hasilnya bagus


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