January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

It's New Year already... :D Fireworks is everywhere.. can't get enough of silence though.. It's really crowded although I was at home. And I captured some fireworks too.. Click the image for see the bigger size.

Red fireworks! The wire is blocking right there :s

Here are my resolutions for 2012... I think I should concentrate more on my careers and also my hobby (it's important xP)...

1. Work harder (esp. improve drawing skills).
Lol not study harder anymore... That means I have to improve my drawing skills and also design skills.Especially in making logos. I'm really interested to try make some more.And I guess I rarely draw again lately, and need to practice with my drawing tablet. Okay there's so many things to do about design.
 >.< jia youu..

2.Blog more often.. 
Well I do realize that I barely update my blog, especially when I'm busy with college. I'm thinking for making video or tutorials..but still wondering what kind of it. I also wanna do some change for my blog template and layout.. Thinking about how I could update my blog regularly too.

3. Learn make-up artistry more. 
Okay I mean I should try for playing more with make-up. I always wear such a simple make-up, wanna try such an extreme one LOL..Thinking it would works for my photography project one day. I still love photography, but not photography course at college. Another reason, I think it's not far away from what I'm learning now, drawing. Still related somehow. 

4. Learn knitting more.
 I'd finished learn basic knitting last year.. and I guess I should learn the intermediate one. Actually kinda lazy to learn bunch of patterns. But really impressed with several knitters work. Amazing!! I should learn such a larger project such as cardigans, capelet, and so on. Beside I still have so many yarn stocks to be knitted.

5. Deepen relationship with God.
Okay I'm not really such a religious person. But after a long chat with my best friends, I think there's always a chance to move on than do nothing. So I guess I should start it as soon as possible. :) Not much, but a little.Ian, you know what I mean. :D

6. Take care my relationship with my BF.
Lately I realize it's much more easier to start something new than take care of something that has been existed. My bad. Sometimes I feel like less of quality time. 

Behind the roof :D

I think every year I always make a resolution to learn. Well I think it's in my blood already that I love to learn a lot of new things. And feel really satisfied if I succeed learn something new. I guess there's so much things to do... And I hope I could finish some of them before my holiday end. Such in a spirit of new year now! Yeaaayyy happy happy new year!! (>ω<*)


  1. dropping by to give a comment! ^^

    BIG YES to no 5! I want to try to be more surrender myself to God since I tend to worry all the time, hehe.
    But then again, it's all in God's hands right? Gbu! ^^

  2. Yeap.. I need to learn to believe and count on Him even in every little thing..:D thanks ceecile! GBU too ^^

  3. happy new year! and i believe you can do it! achieve your resolution with big smile! :D
    good luck

  4. thank u stella! :D hope for the same thing for u too :)

  5. hehehe..happy new year chinooo (telat)
    resolutionnya bagus2....semoga tercapaiii yaa....GBU...:D

  6. hehe gapapa kok.. :D happy new year juga ya sayy...
    ^.^ makasihh...GBU too


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