January 24, 2012

Chinese New Year Look

Just wanna share my Chinese New Year look... today my BF asked me to go out with him and visit his family.. :D so I'd prepared my Chinese Girl outfit...

My DSLR can't cooperate well with the colors.. My make up color washed out.. >.> I'd tried in so many different lighting, technique, etc but still can't find the right one... and I woke up late! So I'm in a hurry... xO so pardon my make up if it's a little bit messy >.< please bear with it...

Here's how do I look

Products used
-Monistat Chafing Gel Relief Powder
-Skinfood Aloe BB cream
-Skinfood Buckwheat Loose Powder
-Sleek Oh So Special Palette
-Maybelline Gel Liner in Brown
-ELF Studio Countouring Blush and Bronzer Powder
-Sariayu Duo Lip Color and Lip Gloss in Alun Serunai (lipgloss only)

I'm so excited to do this look since I was a child.I adore cheongsam (chinese traditional dress) so much!! But never had a chance to try it on..so this year I had decided to buy one and wear it on Chinese New Year! Actually I have several tops with cheongsam upper design, but never own a real one in a dress type.So I just try achieve a simple cute and girly look...And since I was in a hurry, I have no time to do my hair too.. so I just do a simple braid it on both side..:)

What do you think? :D

I feel quite satisfied with the results... my BF said that I look different than usual.. xD his mom even told me I looks so cute in that dress.. *happy to the max* hahaha...

I spent this afternoon eat so many dim sum with him at The Duck King.*chinese typically isn't it?* We ordered so many kind of dim sum... For your information,dim sum are always welcome to my food list.. can't resist... After that we find for a dessert and decide to eat egg tart at Golden Egg Tart.. Super delicious!! All food tasted really good and not too expensive.. I might wanna make a food post later. :) They're just too good ...I'll definitely come back for their dim sum! xD

But.... I forgot to take a picture of the whole dress.. really in such a hurry.. >.<

Did you realize that I dye my hair? ... The color hasn't showed up properly.. so I think I will dye it one more time...

GONG XI FA CAI agaiinnn everyonee

Thanks for reading everyone.. Hope you enjoy it..>ω<*


  1. I can see a sneak peek of the dress... Looks cute and adorable~

  2. xD yes I love this dress so much... <3 moreover, it's on sale when I bought it.. *ga bisa jauh-jauh dari yang namanya sale* hehe

  3. chinoo cuteeee...cute cute cutee~~
    i can see u dye ur haiir!!
    tp memang kurang nampak siih yaa...:D
    cheongsam~~ haah..kapaaan aku baru pakee ya...*___*

  4. gabbyy ni cheongsam yg kmu blg ya???
    lucuuuu >.<
    make up bgus jg natural
    gyaaaaa >.<

  5. makasih ^^.. iyaa kalo ga kena cahaya yang super terang ga akan tampak itu warna... baru sekali sih keknya kurang keliatan jadinyaa...

    sincia taun depan ayooo ikutan pake hehehe :D

  6. he eh.. makasih ^^.. aslinya sih ga kaya begitu, warna pink tu gatau kenapa susah bener muncul di kamera @@

  7. aww cheong sam!! you look so pretty ^^
    lucuuuuuuuuuuu :D

  8. you look so cute! its my first time to visit your blog, i enjoyed reading ;) hope you could visit mine too!


  9. Thank you... :D I'm glad that you enjoyed reading my blog.. ^^of course I'll visit you back.. thanks for dropping by :D

  10. so pretty!:)

  11. very cute! gong xi fa chai (belated) to u!.

  12. gong xo gong xi ^ ^
    you lok good wearing that dress! must be happy ya, sincia bisa bareng kluarga acar XD

  13. Thank you ^^ gong xi fa cai to u too ^^

  14. Gong xi fa cai :D thank you.. yeap ^^ feel so blessed again this year

  15. You look so awesome. Nice dress :D



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