January 15, 2012

Pamper Yourself on Sunday

The rainy season has arrived, so every morning will be really cold and it's hard to resist my warm bed. 

I'm not good in making title I guess? LOL but that's how do I feel, sometimes I feel really lazy to do anything on Sunday, but I need to pamper myself after a long tiring week, make my mind and body fresh again then ready for Monday. I used to do this every week when I was in high school.

Ready to pamper yourself?

First of all make sure, you'll use the bathroom for a long time. I prefer to do it in the bathroom since it's easier to get rid of the mess later. Beside I dislike being seen when I wanna have a time for myself.. okay so just bathroom.You can do it wherever you feel comfortable.

What do you need?
-Lukewarm water
-Your favorite toiletries(such as body wash, shampoo, included your facial foam)
-Sheet mask
-Body Scrub
-Unused toothbrush

All you need in the bathroom (mentioned in again!) Then you should understand why I prefer and suggest you to use bathroom (again!)

Okay let's begin then...
1.Bath with a lukewarm water. I'm not a person that like to bath with lukewarm water everyday, because I just love shower with its cold water. It wakes me up. So I just bath with lukewarm water when it's raining, when I will do my weekly body treatment,when I was sick or for a night bath. There's a big difference really...

2. Play with the bubbles! Haha I used to play with the bubbles created from my soap when I was a little. Just enjoy your time cleaning your body. :) just slowly and the soap fragrance will make you feel relaxed.

3. After that, I continue with scrubbing my body with the body scrub.

Here's the fun part then.

4. Put a big flat bucket. Pour in a lukewarm water, or you can add some hot water later if you want. Then just dip in your feet into the bucket. I love doing this. And you can put on your mask sheet on your face, or even your nose patch on. 

5. After that use the toohbrush with a small amount of toothpaste to clean up your nails.Especially to clean my toe nails that easily getting dirty. :)

6. Rinse your body again... And you're done! :D you can continue with put on some moisturizers on your face and body, then color your fresh and clean nails. 

I do this for years already and it helps me a lot to relax or just for having a little time for myself. Refresh my body and also my mind. After that I'll ready for facing another day..Easy and can be done by anyone at home :) 

I'm sorry for not updating my blog for about a week >.< got several works and can't find any single right time to write. Or else I forgot to capture several photos for reviews purposes. :) Hope could do the rest of update in next week..

Thanks and enjoy your Sunday ^.^


  1. priscilla clara siregarJanuary 15, 2012 at 12:41 PM

    Agree! ^^
    I always take Sunday as a perfect time to recharge myself.. :D

  2. Yapp.. it's just the perfect time to relax and enjoy it:D

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  4. Yep.. I thought it would be efficient that way ^^ thanks for visiting

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