January 16, 2012

Sneak Peek : What's on January?

Okay.. I did purchased so many things lately.. Drugstore was on sale, and many things was on sale when I purchase them >_< hahaha *hard to resist SALE*.. Although afterwhile I feel a little bit guilty >.<

-Daiso Brush and Sponge Detergent
-Daiso Detergent for Woman
-Daiso Charcoal Foaming Wash 
-Daiso Cleansing Pad
-Daiso Auto Eyebrow Pencil
-Monistat Chafing Relief Gel
-Ecotools 6 Piece Brush Set
-Ecotools 6 Piece Eye Brush Set
-IFairy Super Crystal in Pink

And it's time to get them reviewed right? Perhaps you could suggest me on which product I should review first.. :D

And also there's several fashion hauls :)
Pink Tank-Top
I'm in love with the color.. ^.^

Then Pedro at fX was on big sale, therefore I decided to buy these shoes.. Fits me in perfectly in such a really affordable price for a pair of high heels :D

And still I can't get enough of the products >_< still looking for several beauty things such as foundation, falsies,etc .. so many that I can't mention it all.. I thought I wanna do several make up experiments since I still in my holiday and I supposed to have plenty enough of time. But in fact,I'm getting busier!!..  Can't see inside my wallet anymore since there's nothing left there.. I guess I should work more harder from now on!

Till another next post girls.. >ω<*


  1. Gabz, daiso sponge detergentnya dapet dimana sih? Koq di daiso gading ga ada T___T

  2. oh my so much stuff :) love the heels <3

  3. Wihiii...haul awal taun nya asyik2 deh ya. Wah, dirimu dapet daiso sponge detergent, aku pas mau pesen malah kuota nya penuh, banyak yg engga kebagian jg yg udah pesen.

  4. daiso knp tak ada di jogja siiih..T_T
    itu cleaner nya kamu beli brp chinoo??
    heels nya cakeeep bgt uiii...sale kah? jd brp?

  5. di daiso sby kok ga ada ya pembersih sponge gitu :(
    Sepatunya cakep ^^


  6. gabyyy... itu pedro sale sampe kapan?? berapa persen.. ish bikin ngiler

  7. gaby.. I pass you an award :) check it out ya http://muimiu.blogspot.com/2012/01/another-award-cute-blog-award.html

  8. marshakartaswardharmaJanuary 16, 2012 at 3:26 PM

    Oh my God ! where did you get all of that things ? sasa ?


  9. dapet dari anak FD say... itu di singapore aja OOS pas ak PO >_<

  10. Yes.. feel a little bit guilty afterward.. hahaha I love the heels a lot too.. >.< buy 2 pairs although I rarely use them

  11. Diriku juga ga kebagian say... OOS itu di daiso singapore nya >.< aku dapet dari anak FD yang stok lebih hehe

  12. PO singapore aja say kalo ntar ud restock lagi... :D daiso jakarta juga ga ada kok >_<

    heelsnya around 200rb sajahh from 700++ deh..

  13. di daiso jakarta aja aku ga pernah liat si detergent >.< hehe...iya lucu sepatunya.. thanks yaaa

  14. Sale til stock last loh... itu jadi old stock tapi kebanyakan masi really good condition kok.. >.< soalnya perputaran barang di sana cepet banget, kata mas2 disana sih gitu hehe...Charles Keith disana juga diskonnn.. >.< only at fX

  15. Some of them from pre order, some from FD member, some of them from drugstore.com when they were having christmas sale.. :D

  16. Thanks for visit ^^ will visit u back

  17. so many sale on FX and i keep miss it ;o;

    those daiso produt super love a~ X3~
    somebody should teach me about international shipping! some sites have sale lately T^T

  18. ihh gab pnasaran deh sama brg daiso ny >.< sini pnya ga bget :'( falsies gmpg gab lol
    sptunya jg bgus >.<

  19. it's not sale actually but special price for old product, just come if you have time :D they have no time limit..

    yep I've been super curious with daiso products.. >.< yes.. I wanna learn how to purchase on international site.. :s it's complicated to use paypal, CC, etc LOL... so I just find people who open PO for those items..

  20. woww, I'm so curious with the daiso's cleanserr >_< love your shoes haul <3 <3 , dont worry dear CNY is cominggg *slapped xD

  21. marshakartaswardharmaJanuary 17, 2012 at 4:21 PM

    Thank you so much for the information :)

  22. hehe iya.. kalo bisa pergi sendiri ke sana belanja lebih enak :P..

  23. Me too... I'm going to test it this weekend.. :)

    Can't wait CNY coming.. xD *evil laugh*

  24. oh looks like you got a lot of products, btw cute shoes!

    CMPang x

  25. yeah.. and feel like can't stop shopping hahaha... thanks for visit :3

  26. super haul XD aaah drooling~
    is the daiso cleanser good? i have seen it on daiso paris van java bandung btw but i havent heard review about them so i did not pick up that one sadly..
    and oooh youre such a high heels person if looking at youre haul~ i cant wear high heels~ it would kills my foot. kkk xD

  27. I haven't tried the cleanser >.< but so many good reviews about it :D.. how lucky are you if it's available there.. it's hard to find it in Jakarta @_@

    Actually I'm more into wedges type, but since they have a beautiful design and come with affordable price.. can not resist laaa... xD hahaha...


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