October 16, 2013

Introducing Makarizo Hot Ice Mineral Oil

Today I want to introduce a new interesting products. Makarizo Hot Ice Mineral Oil. It sounds unusual, huh? Ice but it's hot it the same time, haha. I found it's kinda unique too in the beginning.

 My package come in a little pouch.

And this is it... Makarizo MK3 Hot Ice Mineral Oil.

MK3 is a product that developed by Makarizo based on Hair Ecology. MK3 is specially crafted for hair and scalp treatment. MK3 Hot Ice Mineral Oil is one of products from MK3 Color Revive Series. This product aimed for people with colored hair. With mineral oils, the wonderful serum of Hot Ice will start to repair your hair weakened hair shaft because of coloring process. It also helps to revive you beautiful hair color back, smoothens your hair texture, and give a healthy glow look.

MK3 Hot Ice Mineral Oil contains 
- Castor Oil
Castor oil comes from castor seed with tons of benefits and processed from Ricinus communis plant. The main benefits of castor oil is to repair damaged hair shaft that caused by chemical process.

- Linseed Oil
Linseed oil comes from Linum usitatissimum plant. The benefits of linseed oil is to take care and revive hair's shine, restructuring hair cortex and cuticle plus smoothens it at the same time.

Well, I had my hair under coloring process for several times and somehow it makes my hair lose its natural glow. Especially if I didn't do a proper hair treatment, my hair would be easily looks dull and unhealthy. Well I guess this is the most common problem for people who dyed their hair. Using conditioner and hair mask for colored hair are not enough. Therefore I'm really excited that this product claims to revive your hair beautiful color back :D 

I will be use this products and let's see the difference then ;)

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