October 21, 2013

Nestle Fitnesse - 7 Days Update

Hello girls! Wanna update about the current 14 day challenge from Nestle Fitnesse :D In case if you forget, read about this challenge here.

It's been seven days since I tried to replace my meal with Nestle Fitnesse. For the first time, it feels really hard by only having Nestle Fitnesse for dinner, because I tend to have a complete meal for dinner. But after several days, I think I'm getting used to it so it is not a big problem anymore. Nestle Fitnesse tastes likes your childhood cornflakes. The difference is only it looks chunkier in piece, well probably like small pieces of 'emping' hehehe. And since it was made from whole grain, it keeps you full longer than before.

 I'm totally in love with Fitnesse Fruits because the dried fruits add more flavor in plain milk. In other side, Pat loves Fitnesse Original because he didn't like the dried fruits. I'm glad that Nestle Fitnesse come in different variant to suits people's taste.

 I think it's really good if you can do this challenge together with your family, friends, girlfriend/boyfriend because you can remind each other and also have more motivation in doing this challenge. Pat is really excited about this program and start to concern about his own health when I asked him to join this challenge.I also had asked some of my friend to do this challenge and they started to join in too. It's not bad to share about good things, right? ^.^

And these are 3 healthy tips from Nestle Fitnesse
1. Start your day by eating your breakfast with Nestle Fitnesse, low fat milk, and fruit.
2. Consume balanced meals and 1,5 liter of water everyday. Fruits or yoghurt can be your snack replacement.
3. Do some workouts for 30 minutes, 3 times in a week. 

1. Drink enough water and reduce sweets
You have to drink enough water no matter if you're on diet or not. My mom always packed a bottle of water and 'force' me to drink it since the bottle make my bag feels heavy so I have no choice. If you're bored with tired, then you can combine it with tea... but of course without sugar :) I love to drink tea especially green tea since it has lots of benefit and feels lighter than black tea. 

I know it's kinda hard to avoid the urge to drink soda or sweet beverages when the weather is hot especially in Jakarta. And I'm probably had the sweetest tooth ever and it's really hard to resist any sweet desserts, cakes,etc. Therefore, I always prepared a yogurt drink (plain yoghurt if it's possible) or fruits inside the fridge so I could handle my sweet tooth hahahaha. It could also refresh your mood from hot weather and moreover, it is healthy :)

2. Meal management
Yes you aren't wrong. Meal management just like time management. You can control the way you eat easier by doing a simple evaluation of what you eat. I try to do this trick by capturing the picture of my meal everyday, therefore I could easily see if I had eaten too much or not. You can easily control yourself by seeing those pictures. Remember that you are what you eat
You will judge me after seeing this picture but I only eat the greens and half of the chicken so I didn't cheat, okay? Try to put a little portion of vegetables in everything that you eat. It's better if you can avoid fried food too.

3. Workouts
Okay I bet this is the most difficult thing that we should do if we're doing a losing weight program. I don't know why, but this is not only me. Registering as a gym member might be a good choice since you will have many choices of workouts that suitable for you. But we could always do workouts anywhere. For example, you can simply walk. Either to the nearest bus stop or when you're going out to buy some stuff at the nearest minimarket. If you're a student, I bet you will have long time to spent walking in the college. When I was in college, I tend to walk a lot because we need to move into different building for the next class or even to buy food, going to the library, etc.

If you don't have time to do that, fine. You still could do simple exercise in your own room. Browse through youtube for tons of  exercise video. You only need t do it around 30 minutes everyday. Easy right? I was also trying to do this since I don't have time for gym or going anywhere. :D Try to find the suitable method for you and workouts! x)

Who said that diet is torturing?? :D Let's try this healthy challenge together!

I had lost around 1.5 kgs while Pat lost 4 kg already! Wow seriously amazing. I think this diet works perfectly on people with BMI over 23. Pat is 32 if you're wondering. :/ Pat and I are still continuing this challenge for 7 more days. Wish us luck then everyone!

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