October 3, 2013

My First Blush Box Review

Hello everyone! I guess I was kinda late into 'beauty-box' thing. One day, First Blush Team was kind enough to let me try their service by sending their September Box. I was somehow excited. To be honest, I'm not one of a kind that would love to try something new before I made a brief research. But I love a surprise feel when you didn't know about what you will receive just like when you open your birthday gift, right? *I love surprise gifts hahaha* 

Note : I'll review about my impression and experience with First Blush Box, not reviewing the products now :)

First of all, I was quite surprised by how fast their delivery is. I'm pretty sure that I confirmed them around 4 pm on the day before, but I received this package right in the morning after. o_o That's pretty fast for me. They also packed this box inside another cardboard box, to make sure their unique pyramid box won't be crashed during delivery. And their box comes in red color! I will never get tired to tell you that I'm a big fan of RED color!! *.*

So let's see what's inside this red pyramids ...

Repair, Refresh, Rejuvenate

They hang this month's theme and it looks cute for me <3

Everything is neatly packed inside with a scrolling letter with a red ribbon.

They also provided you with product's information and price.

And here are them :D

1. Kerastase Hair Treatment and Mask

2. Bee Balm

3. H2O Rejuvenating Gel

4. Facial Mask and Lip Mask

5. Allure Eyelid Sticker

6. Shopping Voucher

Actually I'm quite happy with the 'surprise', especially for the Kerastase Hair Treatment. I also discover several new brands that I'm not familiar with. Such as the mask and rejuvenating gel. :D

 But considering from the price of the box itself, it is not cheap at all. If I were a paying customer, I would be kinda disappointed. I'm not blaming on them. Probably, because it's a 'treatment' theme, it is not surprising if there aren't any makeup or decorative  products. As for me (and maybe others), I will prefer to one full size makeup products. Why? It's because I think makeup products last longer than skincare products, so it's kinda worth more.For example, facial mask can only be used once while maybe you can use makeup samples several time, right? :) Moreover, skincare products takes time to see the results while most of makeup products aren't. But anyway, it's just my opinion. 

Besides from the fact that I states above, I feel that they put much effort already into this September box by creating a nice concept behind. It's just I'm not too fond for skincare trial compared to makeup products. It might be tempting for people who love discovering new skincare sets. :D

Thank you First Blush Indonesia! 

I believe you can improve by creating more interesting concept with your beauty box in the future. I appreciate that you'd put more effort into your packaging that differs you from the others. It has personally win my heart LOL. 

If you're interested to receive this cute red pyramid box, you can go to their site through the link below and subscribe! :D

First Blush

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