October 24, 2013

Review Etude House CC Cream in Glow

Back with CC Cream review! I am so late with current beauty trends lol. Okay just blame my thesis hahaha. 

This products was sponsored from Etude House's previous event and let's see how good it is.

CC Cream stands for Correct and Care Cream with 8 benefits in one products. 
Anti Aging
Stress Relief
Sun Protection
Smooth Texture

That's a lot.o.o From what I know, CC cream more into correcting your skin with skincare benefits which offer less coverage compared to her sister, BB Cream. Most of them offers silky smooth skin or glowy skin. Perhaps it is more into makeup base although some of CC Cream provides sheer coverage.  Etude House CC Cream comes in two different variant which is #1 Silky and #2 Glowy.

Mine is in #2 Glow. Kindly remind you that I was never get into glowy makeup look. So this is something new for me :D

Unlike BB Cream, it has pearly white color with tiny beads that will adjust with your skin color after you blend in. The texture is kinda thick but after you blend it, it feels really light. Note that you also need to work quickly with this CC Cream because it could easily dries. 

.. and freaking white on my hand because I put too much products. You can see that it creates a glowy layer that makes you skin appears more natural. Glowy makeup lover will totally love this :)

Learned from my past mistakes, I only put tiny amount on my face.
Seems not much different but it looks glowy in real life and also helps to even out my skin tone nicely. You can see around my nose and eye area. It become more even after I apply the CC Cream. Lesson learned! Do not put too much products unless you wanna be freaking white. It feels lighter and moisturizing compared to BB Cream.

It is also a nice base before you put on your BB Cream. I love to pair it together with Precious Mineral BB Cream. Looks really nice and natural. Since I haven't tried any CC Cream, I cannot do much comparation. Anyway, this one is worth for those who love glowy makeup look :) Seems like I started to love glowy makeup look now haha.

-Sleek packaging
- Natural results
- Lightweight
- Even out my skintone

- Nothing!

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