October 9, 2013

Review Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion in Honey Beige

Cushion BB Cream hits the market nowadays. :D I was also tempted to see how good it performs. Luckily Etude House Indonesia contacted me and gave me this Any Cushion to be reviewed.

Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion

Easy application at anytime and anywhere.
Well, hopefully it's true. :D

Price : Rp 218.000,00

There are two shades available which is W13 (Natural Beige) and 24(Honey Beige). I got mine in W24 shade which is Honey Beige.

And see how high the SPF that they got here. SPF 50/ PA+++ ... o_O waaaaww
Looks like an ordinary compact powder with a separator and the puff on it.

They claimed this cushion as 6 in 1 multi-function products : Sunblock, Sebum Powder, Moisturising Essence, Brightening Essence, Foundation, and Cooling Sensation.
Unlike usual sponge, this is an air sponge that specially crafted for cushion usage. It could help to absorb the products and blend them nicely in no time. I wonder why it should be in blue color though haha. Most of cushion's sponge that I know are in blue color.

Under the separator, you will finally found... a seal :P
To make sure that it's brand new and never been opened before hahaha. Sorry if I disappoint you lol

After you open up the seal, then you will find your beautiful cushion under.
See? Feel like it's packed with lots of liquid :D

The air sponge works great in absorbing those liquid.
It's enough to cover half of my face. 

Uneven skintone, bad dark circles, and a big acne scars that I hate so much :(

Final results... I'm only using Any Cushion without any concealers.
Tempted or not?

This is my first time using a cushion BB. I was really surprised to find out that the results could be even and flawless. The cool sensation give kinda unique fresh feeling when applied. If you pick up too much products, don't worry. Dab it in several spots such as cheeks and foreheads then you can blend them afterwards. Seriously easy! :D Plus it contains high SPF so it's really perfect for daily basis. I was afraid that it would create a horrible whitecast, but when I tried to take several photos under flash lighting, it doesn't make me look like a ghost. ^.^

Coverage is medium as for me. It could even out my skin, cover redness, and light acne scars. You can see that my dark circles are nicely concealed. But you still need concealers to hide a darker scars or spots better. If you're too lazy just layer them one more time. :) Don't layer it too much except you wanna end up weird :P

It also has a nice finish that I love! Not too glowy or matte. Just in between them so your face looks more natural and healthy. If you need more oil control, you can apply a single layer of loose powder after usage. 

Easy. Easy. Easy

Too easy until I imagine that I could do it with my eyes closed. LOL Just dab the sponge gently and make sure the liquid is evenly spread. I even forget to use my brush or fingers as I never think that using sponge could be this easy. Moreover, they also provide the refill, so if you ran out of product, you only need to buy the refills :D

I think this products has solved the problem when we need to do our makeup in the middle of nowhere and quickly. Well, if I have to do my makeup somewhere else, the big thing that bother me is How I apply my base? It is super troublesome to bring your foundation or BB cream in your bag, not forget the mention that they had a chance to spill in too.

Moreover, I somehow prefer to use my makeup brushes because when I blend with my fingers, it takes more time (weird but it is true) and the results aren't neat. Plus it stained my hand. I somehow hate how my hands are stained then I forgot that I haven't put my contact lens in. I need to wash my hand properly before I could put them in... and so on :/ Seriously annoying haha.

With this products, I could do my makeup in the car way more easily :D As you will always bring your eyeliner and lipstick in your pouch. This cushion had completed all my everyday-war equipment LOL. If I need to do my makeup in hurry, I just clean my face with facial wipes and put this on. Paired with eyeliner and lipstick, I'm ready to go anywhere at anytime :D

- Easy application
- Great results
- Can be refilled

- Bulky packaging (but it deserve a spot in my pouch!)

I'm totally in love and never forget to bring this! I'm highly recommending this to all of you. Just make sure that you get the right shade.

Thank you to Etude House Indonesia for let me trying this wonderful products!


  1. hai, salam kenal...nice review anyway...:)

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  3. Ak cm beli refill nya, ga dpt spons nya, kira2 pake spons biasa bisa ga ya sist?

  4. Setauku spons untuk any cushion ini khusus say, takutnya kalo pake spons biasa jadi nyerep banyak produknya malah boros ^^

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