October 15, 2013

Sariayu Power Lunch Event : From Indonesia to the World

Last week, Sariayu invited beauty bloggers and press to celebrate their three biggest achievements and created a new history in their journey as a local cosmetic brand. Well for Indonesian people, we must have been familiar with this local brand, especially for their decorative products such as eyeshadow and lipstick. I'd been a fan of their eyeshadow collection that had a great pigmentation color with such affordable price :D

As Indonesia, we should be proud because one of the biggest international event, Miss World 2013, was held in our beloved country. Therefore, Sariayu was entrusted as the official makeup and hair do for all Miss World 2013 contestants. Around 60 professional makeup artist were involved for 129 contestant.With huge experience from doing makeup and hair do for Miss Indonesia since 2001, Sariayu bring the spirit of Local Wisdom Go Global from our culture to the world through their works.

Not only that, Sariayu was also entrusted to collaborate with Mrs. Ghea Panggabean in her fashion show in Milan and Roma! o_o The Fashion Show come with a theme : Treasured Indonesia, A Journey into Indonesia Fashion, Art, and Culture.

Last but not least. This year, Dr. Martha Tilaar was representing Indonesia to speak at The Leader Summit UN Global Compact. This important event was held every 3 years and attended by more than 1000 participants from 100 different countries. Dr. Martha Tilaar delivered her words through Martha Tilaar Group's vision which are Beauty Green Green, Beauty Education, Beauty Culture, and Empowering Women. Dr. Martha Tilaar paid a big attention about our environment besides beauty. They keep on trying to create a better future by developing their company, advancing global priority such as weathers, clean water, kids, human rights, women empowerment, and education.

Based on the theme Architect of A Better World, Dr. Martha Tilaar had a chance to share her experience in side event Empowering Women To Led the Way to Low-Emission and High-Resilient Future and UN Private Sector Forum : Africa with main topic about women empowerment.

I feel that Dr. Martha Tillar is really inspiring through her acts and words.

Therefore, to celebrate Sariayu special achievement, they launched this Beauty Box Limited Edition - Beauty Across The Continent

o_o very beautiful packaging, right? 

This beauty box contains a palette with eyeshadow and lipstick plus a shimmering powder which are inspired from women's diversity from five different continents : Asia, America, Africa, Europe, and Australia. I am so excited when I heard that they are going to launch something new. 

 Three gorgeous models from different continent. Their makeup were done with the new palette! 

Doorprize winner!
Well I was actually the last person who got the doorprize ahahahaha... still considered as lucky :P 

And blogger's photo as usual! With Mrs. Ghea Panggabean and dr. Martha Tilaar

We're also given a herbal plant as a gift :D this is the first time I attend a beauty event and bring back a plant hehehe. Green Beauty ^.^

As one photo will never enough haha.. 
I don't know why my eyes aren't straight to the camera while the others are! o_o

That's all from me. And if you're curious about the box, I will review it as soon as possible. Honestly, I am so excited to try it hahaha. Thank you for reading.


  1. itu warna2 nya lucu yaaaa *u*
    ditunggu reviewnya ^^

  2. iya bagus2 warnanya ^_^ heeh.. boxnya masih dalam tahap percobaan hehehe ;)


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