October 31, 2013

Review Makarizo Hot Ice Mineral Oil

As promised before, I would like to reveal more about Makarizo Hot Ice Mineral Oil.

It is not called Hot Ice for no reason. The way it works is kinda unique because Makarizo Hot Ice Mineral Oil need to be frozen first and then melted with your palms. That's why it is called Hot Ice. And as I'd said before, this product could help to revive your gorgeous hair color :D

Okay you might think it's kinda tricky to use this product so I will write it down one by one to make sure that you won't miss any step :D

1. First of all, prepare a bowl of ice cubes and put Makarizo Hot Ice Mineral Oil inside.

You can also put it in the fridge before usage. When the contents are completely frozen, the color will change into lighter color.  It only took you less than 5 minutes to froze them.

2. After the content is completely frozen, melt it using your both palms.

3. Break through the bottle carefully with a towel.

4. Apply Makarizo Hot Ice Mineral Oil on damp hair and then start to pat your hair in a gentle movement. It helps the products absorbed into your hair cuticle. 

Pats.. pats

For people with short hair, do this once. 
For people with medium long hair, repeat twice. 
For people with long hair, repeat 3 times.

5. Let it sit for around 5-10 minutes before you rinse it with water. 

It's quite simple, right?

The texture is like an oil but not sticky at all. It also has a nice scent and left your hair silky smooth ^.^ I found it's really fun to the the pat my hair during the treatment. And if you have long thick hair, don't worry. It's more than enough to use only one bottle o.o My hair length has reached my waistline  (can be considered as super long now) and I only use 1 bottle. ^.^ 

And this is the results after I use Makarizo Hot Ice Mineral Oil..

The before picture was taken under a better light but the color are so dull but right after using Makarizo Hot Ice Mineral Oil, you can see that my hair color regained its shine and gorgeous color back *.* I am really amazed with the results. You can do this treatment any time at home. It's really easy to do with a great result that you can see by yourself now :D

Makarizo Hot Ice Mineral Oil are available in Makarizo salon. You can find more about this product on their social media.

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Thanks a lot to Makarizo ;)


  1. the application is quite hasstle in my opinion but as long as it has a nice outcomes, I'm def digging it ^_~ thanks for sharing =)

  2. Yep and it's probably the way to make the ingredients work too .. well after seeing the results, I'm not bothered to do this anymore hehehe :D


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