October 22, 2013

Play Color Crush with The Body Shop at Jakarta Fashion Week

Good evening everyone! I'm blogging now,  live from The Body Shop Color Crush event at Senayan City.

Curious to find out?

The Body Shop as Official Makeup for Jakarta Fashion Week launched their latest creation, Color Crush, to emphasize your eye and lip makeup with stunning color.

Are you ready to play with colors?

The Body Shop Color Crush Eyeshadow
The Body Shop bring their latest mono eyeshadow series in 30 different color with pearly and matte finish, from nude beige color until shocking bring that can be adjusted for your everyday look from day until night. These eyeshadow were made from high quality pigments from Italia. It contains the  marula oil, coconut, honey, sesame oil, Community Fair Trade Brazil nut oil, and the ultimate vitamin E that helps as an antioxidants and moisturizer.

These eyeshadow can be apply in dry or wet condition. Each color could be used alone or combined with other color. It has a really nice texture and easy to blend. Moreover, these eyeshadow packaging can be recycled... o.o One more step to reduce plastic garbage ^.^

The Body Shop Color Crush Lip Color
As for the lip color, The Body Shop come with 24 brilliantly vibrant shades of lipstick. These lipsticks are made from the combination of Community Trade marula oil from Namibia ,cherry seed , and crushed pigment. They come in three colour families : the brightest reds, the sweetest pinks, and the finest nude. Well they're all the perfect color that can be adjusted for any moments ;)

The color glides easily and really pop out x)

Their wide color selection allow everyone with different skin tone / color to play and adjust the makeup with their own style.

All these products are 100% cruelty free and created through an amazing process from natural ingredients.Not only that, The Body Shop also concerned about woman by cooperating with Eudafano Women's Cooperative and helped 1750 women to had a decent income. The Body Shop also paid attention to the environment by cooperating with Community Fair Trade Brazil from Candela co-op in Peru to grow the ingredients for their products. In this way, it helps to take care the environment in the same time. For example, the orchid bee that depends their life on this Brazil Nut Tree.

It's beauty inside and out, right?

The craziness at The Body Shop Event at The Body Shop Senayan City.....

and this is my creation with Color Crush Collection :)

I tried to create the makeup look with four different color. Combination of pink, purple, and teal green... all of them are my favorite color! I also create a pinkish flower petals around my eyelid.

The event is really fun and thanks to The Body Shop Indonesia 


  1. i love the colorful and bright makeup you have created! looking really fresh and cheerful, love love love ^_~

  2. Thanks Janet.. The color isn't really pop out in the photo though :'(


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